Topic SENSE Feedback: NORWAY

10 Jul 2014 14:21:45, ansorchr

SENSE-3 feedback from Norway reached us as first and we would like to start with it. Hereby we would like to thank Lars Christensen for submitting this first feed!

Lars noted it still would need some improvement and we are really happy he provided us this first draft. Until now only "Utslipp av klimagasser" is linking to EEA "greenhouse-gas-emission-trends-assessment" but this gives already a good example. We hope other links may follow, as establishing links between distributed environmental information ressources (e.g. between national and EEA ressources) is the major objective of SENSE-3.


  • dct:temporal: Currently the literal value often indicates a timespan (“2001-“), but if the script could use this starting value to generate a list instead, making automated selections based on year possible:
  • <dct:temporal>2001</dct:temporal><dct:temporal>2002</dct:temporal><dct:temporal>2003</dct:temporal>…
  •  dcat:theme:
  • Change to dcat:theme from dct:theme.
  • Since your datasets and indicator assessments probably will cover the “Environment”-theme out of the specified EuroVoc themes in DCAT-AP, perhaps you could add this theme to all items directly in the script, and if needed add more mappings later on? <dcat:theme rdf:resource=""></dcat:theme>
  • To see if you could provide a mapping of your own themes to the EEA themes, which for example looking at the page on waste seems to be more or less done already (having the link to the corresponding EEA theme in the right-hand menu)? E.g. “Avfall” would map to <dct:subject rdf:resource=""></dct:subject>
  • dcat:Distribution: To also generate the license URL for each item, something like <dct:license rdf:resource=" "></dct:license>, or similar about the license for the use of the data?

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