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Folder Cube files of the results of the EU virtual land use model (5 items) vandeman (disabled) 10/02/2012, 13:49
Folder Figures from the final report (1 item) vandeman (disabled) 10/02/2012, 13:49
Folder data files used for model (2 items) vandeman (disabled) 10/02/2012, 13:49
BINARY ModelEUvirtuallanduse.rar Download vandeman (disabled) 13/07/2009, 00:00 80 MB
ZIP Net EU virtual land import per world region Download vandeman (disabled) 13/07/2009, 00:00 98 KB
DOC Trends EU Virual land flows 1995-2005-FINAL-Manel van der Sleen.doc Download weber (disabled) 14/07/2009, 00:00 617 KB
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