DOCX Meeting EEA/EdW/Tracasa - 19-07-2018 - Agenda and minutes

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Dear all,

I allowed myself to comment inside the newest Meeting Minutes of your last week Skype meeting.

Likely my point of view is a bit different on the, what I feel, too strong focus on the user stories and the work invested to visualize them.

I talked also with Peter Loeffler last week about my concerns after I had read the Meeting Minutes from 22 June and 11 July (published here on 11 + 12 July).

So my intention is - reading the newest MoM - to keep you informed about my thoughts too.

It is just an opinion and I don't want to interfere much, but I came to the conclusion that it is important for the way to proceed within the project to let you know about these thoughts.

Thanks and have a good week, Bernd