PDF Meeting 2018-10-17 - JRC Input to NFI data Presentation at NUTS levels: 3 Maps

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Upload date 18 Oct 2018
Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 18/10/2018
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This file contains 3 (4) maps showing the Forest Area in % at various NUTS levels.

Each of the three NUTS level maps visualizes only that countries, which provide Forest Area figures are provided at that NUTS level.

The table at the end of the PDF file is summarizing the availability of Forest Area figures for each Country at the according NUTS level. Small countries like Luxembourg or Malta, as their population is very small, are visualized also in the NUTS level 3, 2 and 1 map, even only one forest area figure is provided at country level.

For the NUTS level 3 map, two versions have been created. The one map frame 'all European' view, is not appropriate any longer to visualize the data. Here the administative units at NUTS level 3 are too small to be properly distinguished. The map simply does not offer sufficient space to place all the labels at the correct locations. A user cannot associate the labels without doubt to the administative unit they belong to.

Alternatively another layout for a NUTS 3 level map is presented. An overview map shows the countries having NUTS 3 level data available and the other mapframes visualize each of the countries separately at larger scales. This enhances readibility of the map and labels are clearly located within the administrative boundaries/units they belong to.

Beyond that, the maps show the most important map elements (title, legend, disclaimer, scale bar, FISE map code) that should be present on each FISE map to have a standardized appearance as FISE product.

These are just suggestions to trigger a discussion, as it would be important to agree on a map template before engaging in the production of many map products.