File 7. Dataset provided by the JRC - forest area products generated from Global Forest Watch (GFW) - Global Tree Cover data 2000 (version 1.4) and 2010

Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 23/09/2019
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Content of folder - This file has been uploaded on 23/09/2019 to the EEA Web Transfer, being accessible for 10 days under the link:

This folder contains the structured GFW data that will be made available via FISE_PRO intermediate web presence on the old FISE webpage.
At the same time this data will be part of the new FISE platform at EEA.

under Docs
related and updated Metadata documents about GFW.

under Imagery/Info_level_A
- GFW raster data containing 26 (2000) / 28 (2010) separate datasets in 10 x 10 Degree extent tiles original source data (1-100% Tree Canopy Cover).

under Imagery/Info_level_B
- GFW processed raster data sets for 38 countries (2000) and 39 countries (2010) cut from the original source data, after eliminating the original Tree Canopy Cover values of 1-9 % to be compliant with FAO Forest definition (10-100%).


under Tables
Excel files with statistics calculated on the processed, FAO compliant GFW areas occupied by forest for each of the countries. Available value fields: Country Area, Forest area, Percentage of Forest, Number of separate Forest Patches, Average Patch size. Followed by country statistics on forest patch size classes (11 patch size classes). For details refer to the Field_Code_Definition Sheet as part of each Excel file.