ZIP 5.b GISCO 2016 'rasterized' vector data - Resolution 100k

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Upload date 29 Aug 2019
Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 29/08/2019
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This zip file contains the rasterized version of the polygon shape files for NUTS boundaries from GISCO/ESTAT STATUS 2016. The rasterized version has been used to cut the Copernicus CLC and HRL-Forest Pan-European datasets into country datasets and at NUTS 1 level at the exact pixel size needed (CLC: 100 m pixels, HRL: 20 m pixels).

The forest area and patch statistics calculated based on the Copernicus CLC and HRL-Forest Pan-European datasets are based on the rasterized version of these boundaries.

The version of this boundaries is only provided for completeness and to be able to repeat image processing at EEA for new versions of Pan-European datasets to be expected in the future (e.g. HRL-Forest 2018 dataset).