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3.1.         Overview of the structure of the 2016 reporting contents

Reporting at groundwater body level is done for each RBD. For the purpose of presentation in this guidance, the contents of reporting are structured according to the following sub-chapters:

  • Groundwater body characterisation
  • Pressures and impacts on groundwater bodies
  • Quantitative status of groundwater bodies
  • Chemical status of groundwater bodies

The following sections describe the contents of reporting. The UML diagram of the GWB schema is found in Annex 10.3.

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3.2.         Characterisation of groundwater

3.2.1.     Introduction

Article 5 and Annex II of the WFD requires Member States to identify the location and boundaries of groundwater bodies.

Class: GroundWaterBody - Schema element:

  1. Please include here any comments which apply to all the schema elements in this Class.
  2. In addition to those general schema element level comments, we welcome your views on: a) whether you think this Class can be simplified;  and b) whether you think the linkages with other reporting Classes or Schemas can be improved, and how;

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euGroundWaterBodyCode - Required.

Unique EU code of the groundwater body. Prefix the groundwater body’s national, unique code with the Member State’s 2-alpha character ISO country code

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groundwaterBodyName - Required.

Readily understandable name of the groundwater body in English that is meaningful outside of the RBD or Member State.

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Layered – Required.(YesNoNoInformation_Union_Enum)

Indicate whether the groundwater body is layered.

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linkSurfaceWaterBody – Required.(YesNoCode_Enum)

Indicate whether the groundwater body is associated with one or more surface water bodies.

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linkSurfaceWaterBodyCode - Conditional.

If the groundwater body is associated with one or more surface water bodies, report the surface water body codes of the associated surface water bodies.

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linkTerrestrialEcosystem - Required.(YesNoCode_Enum)

Indicate whether a terrestrial ecosystem is directly dependent on the groundwater body.

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geologicalFormation - Required.(GeologicalFormation_Enum)

Describe the main geological formation of the aquifer type.

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groundwaterBodyTransboundary – Required.(YesNoCode_Enum)

The Directive requires coordination among Member States for the management of transboundary Water Bodies. Transboundary water bodies are those crossing the border between countries or constituting part of the border between two countries for a certain length.

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gwAssociatedProtectedArea – Required.(YesNoCode_Enum)

Indicate whether the groundwater body is associated to any protected area.

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