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Introduction & Help

The Forum enables a community (e.g. committee, working group, project group etc.) geographically spread across Europe (and beyond) to have a private space on the Internet where they can share information, documents, participate in discussions and various other functionalities.

This private space is called an "Interest Group" or IG. The access and navigation in this virtual space is done via any Internet browser and as in any working group, committee or project team, one member plays the role of chairman or moderator; in the Forum it is called an IG Administrator.

If you have problems please contact Eionet Helpdesk

Please observe this tutorial on accessing the Eionet Forum and Eionet Projects platforms:

Definitions & Concepts

The key definitions and concepts behind the Forum are:

Please observe this tutorial on accessing restricted Interest Groups of the Eionet Forum or Eionet Projects platforms:

Getting familiar with the Forum interface

All pages of the Interest Group have the same layout: A navigation bar at the top and the left. The first provides access to the available Global services whereas the second provides access to the IG Services.

As in any other Web environment, navigation is done through mouse clicks on the various buttons and hyperlinks that appear on a page: Fast, intuitive and easy. Online help pages provide additional information about the functionality of the Forum services. Furthermore Hint icons help user's interaction with the Forum.

The left navigation bar provides access to the following Services by simply clicking on its link. Once a Service is entered, additional functionalities appear on screen:

The top navigation bar provides access to the following Support Services:

Member search

Via the member search you can search for users who have a certain role in this IG (either Contributor, Reviewer, Administrator, etc.).

Clicking on the Show all administrators button will produce a list with the IG administrators, in case you need to contact them.