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Upload date 03 Aug 2018
Contributor Adriana Baciu
Release date 03/08/2018
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Interesting data on Floodplain Forests

Very detailed polygons in the files Floodplain.shp and even more in the files FPF_00.shp and FPF_06.shp. Incredibly detailed attribute tables.

Seems to be classified from CLC data 2000 and 2006 comparing the CLC data with the Floodplain forest polygons.

Good data.


A big odd is then, that the folder contains other polygon and point shape files for 8 tree species showing the main distribution area of the species across Europe (polygons) and the fragmented occurrence of these 8 species with point locations.

Interesting data that could be compared with the TREE ATLAS data.

The question remains: why is this data part of the Floodplain forest zip file. Likely as these 8 species are floodplain species, nevertheless the occurence locations indicated in the polygon shape files are far to coarse to add to the detailness of the Floodplain.shp and FPF_00 + 06 shape files.