ZIP 1. NFI dataset - First dataset provided by the JRC - version 06 at 2019-01-31

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Upload date 05 Feb 2019
Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 05/02/2019
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1 (current) Bernd Eckhardt 05 Feb 2019 2 GB application/zip

This zip-folder has the status: 2019-01-31.

The folder has been amended since the 5. version uploaded 30/11/2018.

It stores now 2,882 individual datasets.

It contains (besides formerly uploaded data) new datasets for France (346), Finland (36).

It is essential to replace the previous (5th) version (2018-11-30) of the data structure with this version of the NFI data structure, as for standardization purpose some folder names have been renamed

Also for some of the updated files, file names had to be changed.

Cheers, Bernd