ZIP 1. NFI dataset - First dataset provided by the JRC - version 05 at 2018-11-30

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Upload date 07 Dec 2018
Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 07/12/2018
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1 (current) Bernd Eckhardt 07 Dec 2018 1 GB application/zip

This zip-folder has the status: 2018-11-30.

The folder has been amended since the 4. version uploaded 04/10/2018.

It stores now 2,500 individual datasets.

It contains (besides formerly uploaded data) new datasets for Malta (34), Norway (44), Slovakia (93), Slovenia (30), Sweden (67), The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM (65) and for the UK (9).

Further on information of other datasets already previously stored in the table got updated: Kosovo (30), Slovenia (9), Sweden (39) and UK (54).

It is essential to replace the previous (4th) version (2018-09-30) of this data structure with this version of the NFI data structure, as for standardization purpose two folder names had to be changed: UK_NEW_2017 to UK and XK_NEW_2017 to XK.

Also for some of the updated files, file names had to be changed