ZIP 1. NFI dataset - First dataset provided by the JRC - version 04 at 2018-09-30

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Upload date 04 Oct 2018
Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 04/10/2018
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1 (current) Bernd Eckhardt 04 Oct 2018 1 GB application/zip

This folder has the status: 2018-09-30.

The folder has been amended since the 3. version uploaded 31/07/2018.

It contains (besides formerly uploaded data) new data for the Netherlands and Norway and new value added data (Information Level B data) in Excel tables Kosovo, Poland, Romania and Serbia that got extracted from countries NFI Reports.

To see all the changes a file synchronisation between the two Zip File Versions 2018-07-31 and 2018-09-30 might be needed.

Unfortunately it cannot be avoided that sometimes additional data is provided for countries that already have been dealt with.