File 1. NFI dataset - First dataset provided by the JRC - version 10 at 2019-10-31

Contributor Bernd Eckhardt
Release date 04/11/2019
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The zip-folder containing Version 10 has the status: 2019-10-31 and is available under EIONET Web Transfer link for 10 days from 04/11/2019:

The folder has been amended since the 9th version uploaded 30/08/2019!

It is essential to replace the previous (9th) version (2019-08-30) of the data structure with this 10th version as for standardization purpose some folders names have been added or renamed.

Also for some of the files, file names have changed after missing links had been indicated by Eau de Web after the last upload. These path and file name errors have been fixed by JRC.