PDF MPA Report - Review of the existing and planned protected areas in the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey)

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Upload date 18 Nov 2021
Contributor Laura Boicenco
Release date 18/11/2021
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Purpose of the report is to trace the progress in the beneficiary states toward the marine areas protection and the Biodiversity and Landscape Conservation Protocol enforcement and in this context to specifically review the level of designation in each beneficiary country of MPAs, the management plans in place and the effectiveness of their implementation, including legal, policy and technical aspects of planning transboundary areas in the Black Sea for designation as protected.

All three countries have established protected areas in marine part, the categories of protection being quite similar. The process of designing protected areas has been carried out mostly in the frame of Natura 2000 in Bulgaria and Romania and Emerald Network and RAMSAR Convention in Turkey. Bulgaria already has an overall of 15 marine protected areas, which comprise parts of both marine and terrestrial environment. Currently, several are being in the process of extension (6 sites) while proposals for 3 new sites have been elaborated. Romania has 2 marine protected areas, the greatest being the marine part of Danube Delta Biosphere, which also have a management plan in place, 8 sites under Habitat Directive and one under Birds Directive. Turkey proposed 6 RAMSAR sites and deltas on the coast of Black Sea.

This Report has been prepared as part of the MISIS Project -MSFD Guiding Improvements in the Black Sea Integrated Monitoring System (EC DG Env. Project MISIS: No. 07.020400/2012/616044/SUB/D2). The Project is financed by EC as an activity under the EC DG Env. Programme - Preparatory action – Environmental monitoring of the Black Sea Basin and a common European framework programme for development of the Black Sea region/Black Sea and Mediterranean 2011.

MISIS is an integral part of the overall ongoing process of harmonization of policies in the Black Sea region in the field of environment protection, taking into consideration relevant European acqua.