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Event CBE 11: April (ICES) durinrie (disabled) 09/07/2014, 09:56
Event CBE 12+13: July (Constanta) durinrie (disabled) 09/07/2014, 09:59
Event CBE10: Potential funding opportunities to address identified needs BSC (Task 1.2) rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:06
Event CBE1: Discussion on the template monitoring rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 12:58
Event CBE2: Status & main issues on monitoring in Romania and Bulgaria rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 12:59
Event CBE3: Review and prioritization technical and research needs for Bulgaria and Romania rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:00
Event CBE4: Needs for data information sharing (set up public webpage) rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:00
Event CBE5: Technical meeting public webpage rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:01
Event CBE6: Completion pilot monitoring fact sheets rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:02
Event CBE7: Final Template monitoring sheet (consultation & agreement) based on pilot cases descriptors rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:03
Event CBE8: Coordination & further impletion monitoring fact sheets (Task 1.1) (bilateral work session) rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:04
Event CBE9: Discussion results review GES and targets (Art. 9 & 10) rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 13:05
Event Steering Group Meeting 2 rommewou (disabled) 27/02/2014, 12:57
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