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Content types in an Interest Group


The survey is a tool with which user surveys can be performed, using a multitude of question types and configuration options.


At object creation, several specific parameters must be set:

Survey edit

Adding questions

Survey - Adding questions

Several question types are available:

Survey - Radio buttons
Figure 1. Widget types with one question an several answers

Survey - Radio matrix
Figure 2. Radio matrix widget

Survey - Checkbox matrix
Figure 3. Checkbox matrix widget

Survey - Combobox matrix
Figure 5. Combobox matrix widget

Survey - Location
Figure 5. Geographical location widget


Survey - Reports

Several question types are available:

The Edit reports button leads to the reports administration page. Here you can either manually create a report based on the surveys questions and the compatible statistical widgets – just enter a report title and click on Add report – or let the survey automatically generate a full report with all possible statistical widgets for each question – again enter a report title but this time click on Generate full report.

The automatic option has the advantage of discarding statistical widgets that are incompatible, for each question type (like pie chart for a text input). After the generation of such a full report, the administrator can easily remove the statistical widgets that ar not very relevant (while several statistical widgets can be compatible with a question type, not all maybe present the same informative value).

Survey - Report

Figure 6. Fragment of a report


Survey - Reports

Administrators can also set permissions to the different Interest Group roles, so that the survey can only be accessible to authenticated users, or even more, to a specific role like Contributor.

Survey - Permissions
Figure 7. Permission table

In Figure 7 you see the permission table and available roles in a usual Interest Group. The marker signals that, because the Inherit from parent option is selected, that role aready inherits the permission, even if it is not checked in this overview. In order to restrict the answering for Anonymous users (unauthenticated), the Submit from parent option should be de-selected:

Survey - Permissions
Figure 8. Permission table - no inheritance for answer submission.