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Content types in an Interest Group


A forum contains discussion topics on certain themes. Each topic contains a description, on which users can post messages, either referring to that topic or in response to other messages. Each topic can be closed by administrators on its edit page.

Permissions are defined for adding topics, messages, managing topics and messages, etc., which allows tailoring any kind of open or closed forums. The forum is not moderated, but Administrators can delete or edit messages. Notifications can be sent when messages are posted.

Topics can be grouped in Categories, which can be defined in the forum's edit page. Also in the forum's edit page, administrators can set:


Forum index

Top and Outdated message labels

The Top and Outdated message labels are a special functionality allowing to mark certain answers and therefore displaying them differently in the listings.

Top answers will appear twice: at the top of the listing, and in their original place. This can benefit viewers of longer topics to quickly find a possible "official" or "aggreed" answer/comment for the topic.

Outdated answers will appear in a dimmer color, signaling readers that they can be skipped.

Note. While several answers can be marked as Outdated, only one answer can be marked as top answer. If the administrator marks another answer, then the first one will be automatically un-marked.

Top and outdated answers